Acne can be removed in any case nowadays. What needs to be known while getting rid of Acne lesions and preventing new ones from developing is;

  • It takes time solve this problem
  • A treatment method which is efficient for a patient may not be that efficient for another.
  • Dermatologist's help may be required.

Treatment methods which use terms like "Rapid", "one-night" or "miraculous" take attention of patients troubled from acne. However, these acnes do not disappear in one night. Approximately, a period of 6-8 weeks is necessary to see first results. Even if acne gets considerably better or disappears entirely, it is necessary to continue the treatment in order to prevent repeats. If there is no progress in 6-8 weeks a change in treatment method will be made but it should not be forgotten that a treatment method do not clear up all types of acnes. A treatment method which is efficient for a patient may not be that efficient for another. An efficient treatment method for a patient may clear up other patient's acne because many factors like person's skin type, different reasons of acne play a role in acne development. A dermatologist's helps may be required.

Many factors in clean-up and treatments options and sometimes a dermatologist's helps with prescription may make a difference. Dermatologists care for a couple factors before applying the treatment. These factors are the severity, the shapes of lesions, different formations which cause acne and person's skin type, lifestyle and motivation.

In the light of all these factors and through information and experience gained, dermatologists develop different treatment methods for each person and prevent acne from repeating. Dermatologists may combine treatments sometimes. For example a different drug may be used at night while another one is being used in the morning. Non-prescription drugs (OTC) you took from drug stores should not be used if it is not advised by your dermatologist due to side effects they may cause. Acne responds very well to early treatments. Dermatologists advise early acne treatment because it is more efficient and it reduces the chance of quitting.