Dermatology in Pregnancy

Dermatology in Pregnancy

Dermatology in Pregnancy protects skin during pregnancy. While pregnancy makes some women's skin smooth, it may cause skin problems for some women. During pregnancy, acne is known as number one problem. Apart from acne, redness, itching and discoloration of skin are some of the problems. You may have realized that some substances you use for your routine skin care may not be proper for your baby. However, it is possible to continue to do your skin care with a few small changes.

Acne in pregnancy

We know that acne appears commonly around oral area and jaw in pregnancy and it may still be visible even after childbirth when not treated. Please do not use products which involve benzoil peroxide, salicylic acid during pregnancy. You may try Sulphur based topical products and glycolic acid or hydroxy acid involving products. If these products do not help some drugs which are safe to use during pregnancy may be advised. Other common problem during pregnancy is regional darkening on face. Pregnancy hormones and sunlight is the cause of this problem. This discoloration on skin may be visible on breasts, thighs and lower back. This pigmentation problem does not have a certain solution but staying away from sun may help and of course sun protection products should not be forgotten. Azelaic acid and vitamin C involving topical creams suppress pigments naturally.

Itchy Waist during Pregnancy

Skin problems in pregnancy result from hormones and stretched skin. The most common itchy waist is PUPPP (Pruritic urticarial papules and plagues of pregnancy). Itching which begins on belly may spread to thighs, breasts and hip. PUPPP is not dangerous and it vanishes after pregnancy but it is really disturbing. Prescribed steroid creams may help but you can dip a piece of cloth into warm milk and hold it on your skin. If itching is extreme and it forms liquid filled bubbles on your skin consult your doctor immediately because this may be a reaction of your immune system and it may increase risks on your baby's health. Many pregnant women suffer from harmless itching of their entire body. A quality moisturizer may also help. However it is necessary to inform you that in any case of skin irritation and extreme itching consult to your doctor.

Stretching of the skin

Everybody advise many different natural or lab-produced creams but today all the doctors believe that these different colored stretch marks on your skin are sacred. It is known that fractional laser helps these marks to recover.