Early Diagnosis of Skin Cancer

Moles, Mole Follow-Ups and Early Diagnosis of Skin Cancers

Dermotoscopy Early Diagnosis of Skin Cancer by Digital Dermoscopy ...Creating a Mole Map, which is a trustable method, and analyzing it, provides a chance to early diagnosis and treatment of malign melanoma.

Operation Sequence;

  • Every mole in the body is determined.
  • A picture of every risky mole is taken.
  • Photographs are kept in a computer.
  • The last photo of your mole is compared to older pictures.
  • Beware the sun

    There is an increase in melanoma incidence compared to past. Every year approximately 1 million patients are diagnosed skin tumor. 1 of every 100 skin cancer patients is a patient of malign melanoma. Although it is possible to cure a malign melanoma a hundred percent which is diagnosed in time, we lose young patients to this disease.

    Thus too much sunbathe should be avoided and you should observe your skin closely.

    A-B-C-D-E Score Method

    ABCDE Score method helps diagnosing suspicious moles.

    Moles which fit to at least one or more of these should be examined by your doctor.

    • A - Asymetry
    • B - Border
    • C - Color
    • D - Diameter
    • E - Elevation

    Warning Signs;

    • Color change
    • Increase or decrease in size or thickness
    • Changes of tissue around the mole (redness, whitening or swelling)
    • If there is itching and pain
    • A mole that bleeds
    • Newly developed moles (in patients older than the age of 25