Eczema which is also known as Atopic Dermatitis is a disease which is commonly seen in childhood but it may be seen in puberty and adulthood. Eczema which is formed on itchy area, shows up on breast, cheek or skull of babies, areas in which babies have no trouble itching. Eczema appears behind the knee, elbows and sometimes on face, neck, hands, feet and back of older children and adults. Wrinkles, bubbles and redness is seen due to excessive itching.

Preventing Eczema

1 - Eliminating Reasons

Priority should be to eliminate the reasons which invoke eczema for patients who have eczema. Clothing which irritates the skin like wool, nylon and similar clothing which causes sweating should be avoided. Instead of these cotton cloths should be preferred and these should be rinsed thoroughly. Fabric softeners also have a possibility to irritate the skin. Ventilation in the summer prevents excessive sweating and reduces air moisture. In the winter skin drying may be prevented if air moisturizing equipments are used. Do not get sunburns and use cream. Some drugs make your skin more vulnerable to sun and this invokes eczema. Keep your nails short and your hands clean because long nails and dirty hands are causes of infection.

2 - Periodic skin care

Another way of reducing itching of eczema and eliminating some causes of eczema is a good skin care. Applying moisturizing cream twice a day and moisturizing your skin is the first step to fight eczema. Lotions keep too much water and make your skin dry. It is advised to stay away from products which involve petroleum ingredients. It is important to have a proper bathe. Do not have a shower or bathe with too hot or too cold water. Try to take a shower everyday and do not rub your skin with towel. Use moisturizing creams after bathe and do it right after your bathe because it is necessary for your skin to be still moisturized when you apply them. If you use moisturizers after your skin is dry eczema may get worse. Your doctor may find antihistaminics proper for your itching to be less. If eczema gets worse due to excessive scratching some drugs should be used.