Fibrocell Skin Regenaration with Fibroblasts Cells

Fibrocell treatment; Our skin needs to fibroblasts that produce collagen to make it look healthy and young. What a pity that in time the number of these cells is reduced.With a small piece of tissue from the skin behind the ear is taken for stem cells in the treatment of Fibrocell therefore makes it possible to replicate the fibroblast cells. The patient's own tissue and the fibroblast stem cells derived from their own cell is still being supplied back to the patient's skin.

Treatment areas of the Fibrocell are;

  • Making Lifeless, dull-looking skin look healthy again
  • Edges around the eyes, lips, in décolleté and in the face of fine lines
  • In the treatment of acne scars

What are the advantages?

  • There is no allergy risk or side effects because cells are obtained from a patient himself/herself
  • Effects are longer compared to other treatments

Treatment is done in 3 sessions and waiting period is 3 - 6 weeks between sessions. It takes some time to see the effect of the nature of the treatment. Although sometimes observed that the effect seen after the first session however generally must wait after 2nd or 3rd sessions.