Fractional Laser

Fractional Laser

Skin Resurfacing with Fractional Laser

Fractional Laser is one of the most important laser technology of these last years.Surface of the skin is renewed, its tone, tissue formation and color will be regained with this treatment. Thus the skin gains a young, healthy and radiant look.

Fractional laser, which is used for the treatments of wrinkles, thin lines, acne scars and spots, is most commonly used on face, neck and hands.

In this treatment, the area of procedure will show up with a new skin and tissue quickly. In this treatment, usually 5-6 sessions are applied which have session intervals of 4 weeks. Between the sessions, fractional laser treatment helps the skin to repair itself.

Acne Scars

Fractional laser is very successful on treatment of acne scar which is one of the most difficult complains to treat. Other treatment methods are not preferable because of their side effects or low success rates.

Skin Cracks

It is one of the most difficult skin problems to treat. Actually it is a cosmetic problem but technology is being developed to treat it. Fractional laser could provide a visible reduction in skin cracks under the light of these studies. It is applied on 3-6 sessions approximately.

Lip Lines

One of the most popular areas which people refer to us about is lip lines. Fractional Laser clinic studies show that these wrinkles are removed or at least reduced.


We observe our skin becoming old mostly in our neck are. Fractional laser treatment of all facial area provides a younger and healthy looking skin when combined with neck area.


Our hands which suffers from the sun the most get their share of wrinkles and spots. Fractional Laser therapy is satisfying with its results of both wrinkle and spot treatment.