Genesis Laser

Genesis Laser

Skin resurfacing, treatment of thin wrinkles, sun damage, redness and pores

What is Laser Genesis?

Genesis laser procedure is a non-invasive, safe and efficient laser treatment. It has been observed that genesis laser provides successful treatment of thin lines, big pores, uneven skin texture, diffuse redness and some scars. Another feature of Laser Genesis is that it does not create unwanted side effects like empurpling, excessive skin damage after the treatment. Treatment can be easily applied without using anesthetics or gels.

In which areas can it be applied?

Our patients report that they observe positive results especially in facial and neck area. Additionally, positive results are seen for scars in other areas.

What is Diffuse Redness?

Diffuse redness is the condition of general red look on your face. It is especially more visible on cheek. It is a result of visible capillary vessels which are widened and it is more commonly seen on nose, forehead and cheeks.

What do you feel during treatment?

Our patients define the treatment as relieving and therapeutic. A warmness on the skin is felt after the forward-backwards movement of laser probe which occurs a few centimeters above the skin. After the treatment patients can return to their routine immediately but of course sun protection should not be forgotten.

How does genesis laser affect?

It warms upper dermis gently and increases the amount of collagen produced. Heat of the skin is increased in order to remove the redness on the skin.

What are the preparations for treatment?

There is no need for anesthetic creams, gels or ice, usually. Face should be cleared from any make-ups.

How many sessions are necessary?

It is possible to observe the positive impact of the treatment within 4-6 sessions. Of course the condition and needs of every patient differ.

What kind of an improvement should be expected on the skin?

It is possible to see the irregular skin texture which is caused by old age, sun damage and scars to get a healthy look after 4-5 sessions.