Hair Loss - Causes

Normal hair growth and loss period

Hair is in a stage of growth for 2-6 years in a normal period. During this process every strand of hair grows approximately 1 cm. Roughly 90 percent of your hair is in a stage of growth. The rest %10 is no longer in growth stage. After 2-3 months non-growing hair strands will be lost and new ones will come out. It is normal to lose some hair everyday because of this cycle. However some people observe excessive hair loss and this may happen to women, men or children too.

Causes of Hair Loss

There are many causes of hair loss. For example after a disease or 3-4 months after a surgery excessive hair loss may be observed. It is because of the stress disease causes and it is temporary. Hormone problems cause hair loss. If you thyroid gland is working extremely or if it is not working enough you may lose your hair. After treating your thyroid problems hair loss will be treated too. If hormones of men and women, androgen or estrogen balance is broken it may cause hair loss. As a result of treatment of hormone imbalance hair loss will be repressed too. Many women may experience excessive hair loss 3 months after childbirth. This loss of hair also depends on hormones because high hormone levels during pregnancy keeps the hair which should be lost. Normal hormone level after pregnancy causes hair loss and normal hair cycle begins. Some drugs also cause hair loss. If the drug is abandoned hair loss will stop. These drugs involve blood thinners, chemotherapy drugs, excessive Vitamin A, birth control drugs and some anti-stress drugs. Some specific infections cause hair loss. For instance fungus infection causes hair loss and it is treated with drugs. Sometimes hair loss may be an indicator of an upcoming disease. Diabetes and Lupus are examples of this situation.

What is the most common Baldness type??

The most common baldness is alopecia of men. Generally genetic and familial, this hair loss happens commonly on top of the head. Typical hair loss of women is observed as thinning of hair. Treatments of Hair Loss are advised by your doctor depending on causes and type of your hair loss.