Laser Carbon Peeling

Laser Carbon Peeling

Laser Carbon Peeling is done towards Skin Rejuvenation.

Treatment targets skin wrinkles, acne scars and larger pores.

Topical carbon lotion is applied to the face. Carbon absorbs laser energy and kills dead cells therefore perfect skin peeling occur. Simultaneously, thermal energy is distributed into the dermis without affecting external layer of the skin.Heat energy, stimulates the growth of new collagen or cells, pigment cells weakens and restores skin integrity. After the treatment, a healthier skin tone, smooth texture, wrinkle reduction, skin tightening and decreased pore intended.

Crusting or wound does not occur after the treatment. Pinkness disappears after a period of time after the treatment. According to the patients needs painless carbon peeling sessions are conducted periodically.

As treatment also showed improvement in acne scars, blemishes and performs slight improvement in the redness.