Medical Feet Care

Medical Feet Care, Foot Health and Feet Aesthetics

Medical feet care is important for our health. Our feet which bears our weight everyday grows some problems later on. Several medical foot care may be applied for the most common problems, callus and ingrown nails.

  • Medical hand and foot care
  • Diabetic Foot care
  • Ingrown nail care
  • Thickened nail care
  • Callosity Care
  • Deformed nail Care
  • Nail Fungus Care
  • Warts Care
  • Gel System applications
  • Skin deformation, hardening and keratinisation care
  • Cracked Heels Care

Medical Hand and Foot Care:

It is applied on patients who have no major problems of hand/foot or have minor problems. Person is informed after evaluating hand/foot condition. Nail is reshaped and cleaned. Thickenings on skin are cleaned without destroying the skin (no cuts, bleeding etc) with special equipment. Care is finished with massages which are done using special moisturizers.

Diabetic Foot Care:

There are some differences for diabetic foot care. Because the problems which develop on diabetic patient's feet may cause serious problems later when they are not cared even if they are very small. Diabetic feet may develop loss of feeling because of impaired circulation. Skin is thin and sensitive but patients do not feel the pain or feel it less. Therefore diabetic foot is cared without using pointy edged tools like scissors and such but it is done using other devices. Special products to support the skin may be advised.

Ingrown Nail Care:

Ingrown nails may be removed without surgical manipulation. Using the wire system which is called 3TO, there is no need to remove the nail surgically and nail is restrained from developing ingrown nail again.

Callosities on Nails or Nail Fungus care:

Nail is thinned without pain or bleeding. Gel system may be used when necessary.

Deformed nail care:

Nails which are deformed after a trauma or different reasons are reformed again.

Gel system application:

It is used for thickened, deformed and ingrown nails when it is necessary to reform nail fold. Treatment process takes shorter on nail fungus because liquid absorption is restricted. Besides, the unpleasant look on the nails which developed after thickening or fungus infection will be removed.

Care of problems which develop after thickening of the skin:

Especially for the thickenings of sole of the foot which develops due to pressure and fraction that occurs after pushing the foot to the ground, thick layers are cleared using special devices first. In order to prevent them from repeating, supportive equipment is used for removing pressure. Dead layers of skin are cleaned, proper products for skin type are used. Dead layers are removed with regular care.

Cracked heel care:

Cracks on the skin result from callosities which are swelled, dry and which lack fat. Progress of cracks may be dangerous because the microorganism create a risk of reaching inside these cracks and the vessels in them. Besides, open nerve ends cause a lot of pain. In order to fix this callus layer must be taken carefully and pressure must be reduced. Subsequently, oily creams are applied and in order to repairs these cracks which sometimes reach lower skin layers, regular care is advised.