Organic Lifting, V-Lift

Organic Face Lifting, V-Lift

Organic Face Lifting, The surgical thread we use is soluble in the human body.

Already used in the treatment of cardiovascular so that eliminate the side effects Therefore, increasing the reliability of the method.

Without requiring surgical procedure, under local anesthesia we put PDO (Polidiaksano’s) threads under the skin so that we get lifted skin.

After the treatment, the skin stretches and reduces wrinkles. At the same time, creating the effect of collagen and triggers skin's natural healing process.

Located about 6 to 8 months threads stretch our skin helps in sagging skin in the process. Skin gets healthy appearance. Improvement in wrinkles can appear to be at a level that will satisfy patients. The treatment effect could be longer and effective compared with other applications. Although treatment varies from person to person able to see positive results continue about 2 years.

It is possible to see positive effects in 2 to 3 weeks. Organic lifting is appropriate those who do not want to surgical procedure. Important treatment without surgery and it will be the important treatment for future.