Skin Allergy

Skin Allergy

Skin allergy; Our skin is the largest organ of our body and it provides protection against outer danger. It defends attacks from outside world continuously and defeats them almost all the time. However, sometimes some allergens infiltrate skin and the skin reacts.

Symptoms of Skin Allergy

Main symptoms may be seen as itching, eruption, rash, swelling and cracks of skin. Our body part which suffers from outer factors the most are our hands, arms, neck and face and we see allergic reactions in these parts most commonly.

Contact Dermatitis

It is an allergic reaction which is caused by outer factors. Its symptom is skin eruption. Human skin reacts to different substances and these may be chemicals, cosmetics, perfume, metals and sometimes even foods. A dermatitis which develops after contacting some poisoned plants cause extreme itching. Although Dermatitis symptoms are like atopic dermatitis, in other words eczema, sometimes it is only seen in the parts which contacted the foreign substance. Our face, eyelids, neck, hands and feet are the most commonly affected body parts. Jewelry, zipper, button and similar metal substances are a source of allergy. The best treatment method is to stay away from them.

Urticaria (Rash)

This allergy which is also known as rash is itchy and eruptive. It may occur in any age. This allergy which usually involves red swellings and may be in different sizes can last a few minutes to longer hours. Urticaria disease which is usually treated with antihistaminics may be treated with additional stomach protective drugs when it is too stubborn. Skin allergy topic is a much wider topic than we can tell in this site. Please consult your dermatologist for more detailed information.