Varicoses Treatment

Varicoses is the treatment of serpentine veins which is grown on the surface of the skin usually on legs and ankles. Blood accumulates because of the vein wall to get weakened and the problems of blood flow to heart, pressure increases and veins gets weaker or form sinuosity. Some people have varices genetically. Sometimes excessive pressure in veins is the cause of this and excessive weight, pregnancy or jobs which require standing up cause this. Varices patients complain about the look of their legs because varices are usually blue, swelled or may be serpentine. Sometimes patients complain about fatigue and pain of their legs. These complaints will increase if they stand up for too long. Varices may also cause dry skin, thinning of skin, swelling or wounds.


It is a treatment method without undergoing a surgery. A drug named Sclerosant is administrated into veins and it makes them shrink. Sclerotherapy may be preferred for capillary vessels and small varicoses.

Laser therapy

Laser will be told in detail within Vessel therapy with Laser Topic. Surgery is another alternative for treatment of varicose veins.