Aesthetic Lips

Aesthetic Lips with Boca, Lip Revolution


Aesthetic Lips with Boca Is a bidirectional convergent barbed thread that revolutionizes lip remodeling. .Due to its absorbable structure and practicality of use. It allows a minimally invasive approach to a very common and requested aesthetic treatment.Boca is a absorbable biocompatible “bio-suture” that shares the same revitalization as all the sutures of the Happy Lift family.Boca is a suture in caprolacton, material that is:

  • Absorbable
  • Biocompatible
  • Safe
  • Used for surgical sutures in hospitals worldwide

Boca transforms aesthetic lip remodeling. PROMOITALIA conceives a futuristic technology “DOUBLE R²” ( rather a double passage of cross-polymerization that renders the suture in caprolacton unique), Is specific for the lips.

“ defined lips and a MINIMUM DURATION OF 3 YEARS”

Double R2 polymerization assures:

  • A greater duration of the suture
  • A selective fibroblastic stimulation with the consequent formation of marginal MICROFIBROSIS.


  • Increased fibroblast
  • Increased collagen fiber
  • Increased elastic fiber
  • Increased vascularization
  • Increased Hyaluronic Ac. In the matrix
  • Matrix engineering

Happy lift Boca In particular, it is indicated for:

  • Lip augmentation
  • Filling smoker wrinkles
  • Lip reshaping according to the indications of the patient
  • Paris Lip lifting and augmentation
  • Remodeling the angle of the mouth