Hair Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy; Men or women, we all lose hair. Our hair takes nourishment from the blood circulation using its root and lacks other cosmetic nutrition. Vitamin and minerals which are necessary for your hair are applied under the hair where it is closest to the root of the hair strand. It is a treatment which is generally applied once a week and which requires 8-10 sessions.

Facial Mesotherapy

One of the reasons to prefer mesotherapy is that it can be applied not only to face but also to hand and neck. The efficiency of mesotherapy results from its capacity to inject these vitamin drugs to the exact tissues which needs them. Cosmetics which are applied upon the skin do not provide this. Perfect viability and radiance which is developed upon the skin works along with collagen and elastin to stretch and recover the skin.

Facial Mesolift

Facial mesotherapy is a natural and safe treatment in contrast to other surgical operations. In mesolift treatment, vitamins minerals and amino acids which you skin needs are given directly to the skin and therefore invokes its metabolism, supporting the production of collagen and elastin which are essential for your skin's look. When the skin gets older blood circulation gets slower and therefore oxygen amount which goes to skin gets lower. Apart from that skin cannot get rid of toxins and show up symptoms of premature aging.

Body Mesotherapy

Body mesotherapy is effective on cracks and scars which develop after cellulites, puberty and pregnancy. It is applies twice a week in this treatment which usually takes 4-9 weeks. The results last longer but if the yearly repeats are not continued, body will begin taking back its old form.