Laser Vein Removal

Laser Vein Removal Treatments

Laser vein removal; Thanks to Laser systems some unpleasant capillary veins (spider veins) which was a problem for both men and women are no longer a problem.

What is Spider Vein or Vascular Lesion?

"Spider vein", "telangiectasia" and "varicose vein" are unpleasant lesions which result from vascular impairments in various areas of body. While "Spider vein" and "telangiectasia" are little red pink and blue vessels which are more commonly seen on face and legs, "varicose vein" is wider and looks bristled and blue. These lesions could actually be associated with serious diseases and should be evaluated by a doctor thoroughly.

Who can be treated?

It is possible to treat all the patients with any kind of skin color and type. Your doctor will decide if it is good for you.

Which areas of body can be treated?

It can remove any unpleasant looking vessel anywhere of your body. Gentle areas such as face, behind the knee is included.

What is it like?

It coagulates the blood by sending light energy and therefore damaging the vessel. During this procedure it doesn't damage the neighboring tissues. Treatment takes a few minutes, the length of treatment depends on the amount of vessels to be treated and the area it is in.

How many sessions do I need?

Generally patients find the results of a single treatment enough. However the best results may require more than one session. The amount of treatment session depends on the amount, color and size of the vessel. Your doctor will provide you the best information.

Does it hurt?

Patients usually feel a slight sting when the laser beam is applied. Generally local anesthesia or painkillers will not be necessary but some patients find it relieving and prefer taking the drugs. After the treatment there is a slightest pain or no pain left at all.

What happens after the treatment?

A slight redness and empurpling may develop after the treatment. When thich vessels are treated a bronze or brown pigment may last for weeks or a month. Wearing supportive socks is advised after the treatment of vessels of legs in order to keep the vessels under a pressure.

What are the possible side effects.

Although many patients do not report any side effects, the most commonly reported side effects are slight redness and local swelling. These effects typically disappear in 24 hours. Some patients may develop empurpling or very rarely, a bulla.

How long does it take to see the results?

Many patients show the results 2-6 weeks after the treatment. However a few months may be required in order to see the full results. New vessels may develop in time but these are treatable too.

Will there be a restriction on my activities after the treatment?

Patients are allowed to go back to their daily routine just after the treatment. However it is advised to avoid intense exercises, excessive activities for 24 hours. Doctor who treated the legs may advise avoiding hot bath. Using sun cream and limiting sun bathe is advised.